[XB1] All Time Team myleague Tourney


  1. NO 5 OUT
  2. NO excessive ZigZag
  3. Positions U1D1
  4. On ball 80% of the time (off ball is acceptable if you are stopping a play)

My League Structure

  1. HOF Difficulty
  2. 6 min Quarters
  3. Additional Players will be in free agency. Player must be on the teams roster currently or have played with that team at least 3 consecutive years


Pot is $24 winner gets $20!, second place gets $4!

Western Conference
@CallMeGit (Thunder)
@Simon (Spurs)
@China_XCV (Houston)
•OGxKmart Not on 2kG (GSW)
•OGxParis Not on 2kG (Kings)

Eastern Conference
@JohnnyHimrod (Celtics)
@Awanz (Bucks)
@Gpap (Bulls)
@raptorsbenchmob (Raptors)
@OGxSuave (Magic)

Players can either be on the team currently or who has played on that team for 2 consecutive years. If a team has a dupe the team that the played for the longest gets the higher overall. For example if spurs and raptors are selected. Spurs get the higher Kawhi and lower Derozan and Raptors gets the higher Derozan and lower Kawhi.

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Well if nobody has officially claimed GSW yet, I’ll take them.

If 508 takes GSW then I may switch to Houston

Edit: scratch that. I think I’ll just stick with the Bulls

@508G37 who do you have ?

im taking GS

myteam roster or default?

All time roster. Any one that’s currently on the Warriors or who has played there for 2+ years

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how we handling dupes?

I might sit this one out, I’m still on the fence.

Why wassup?

Because this past tourney really tired me out as far as 2k goes😂 but if I do join I’ll either use Bucks or Heat.

for example if these teams are picked. 76ers, Gsw, and lakers are picked than 6ers get sixers wilt, lakers get lakers wilt, gsw gets gsw wilt

But if you look at the rosters, the best Wilt is on the Warriors I believe. He’s a 96/97, the lakers Wilt has a 91, and idk what the 76ers have. It’s already set that way.

You’re correct. Another example would be Paul George. The pacers gets the 91 ovr and Id get the 88 ovr or if no one picks the pacers I’d get the 91 ovr,

If nobody picks Sacramento, can I get the best Webber?

No sir Webber was there for 1 year

I got a few players up my sleeve

He played for GS again before he retired

Maybe I should say 3 consecutive years

2 consecutive is my vote