XB1 98 Kobe up for 81,500 and 98 Magic with Kobe AD Mid for 80,500

Cheapest up, go buy!

I’d have bought that magic in a second if on ps4 lol, bet he sold allready.

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Neither of them have and Idk why. Both are great players and both are the cheapest up. Only 3 Magic’s up, I’m sure he’ll go soon though. He’s amazing and with that shoe he feels like a 6’9 RWB lol

Holy shit man, on ps4 that magic would sell for atleast 140k

I really wish I was on PS4, people are so dumb on XB1 AH. It’s so aggravating lol

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still up?

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Yes both are still up,

Please go buy both of them :slight_smile:
On a serious note, the Magic has been my favorite card since picking him up. Averaged 11 points and 10 assists for me and was amazing on defense for me against people who would run Bron or Tracy at PG.

I made the switch too ps4 this year and have zero regrets, only have good things too say about my experience so far in every aspect. Best part is games are less laggy on ps4 and I don’t have an issue with input delay anymore.

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Kobe sold, Magic is up still with a diamond contract and Kobe AD Mid.
+9 moving 3, SWB, BC, and moving mid. Go get him boys, less than 2 hours!

Why are cards so cheap on Xbox?

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I absolutely hate it man. He just said my magic would be going for 140+… fml

With Ben maybe not that high now but it for sure would not be bin that’s crazy

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