XB1 94 Jordan w/ speed & dunk shoe (sold)

Also with diamond contract. Selling because I just don’t need him having PD Pierce and Ginobili holding down the SG for me with Magic and Hill at the PG position. I had a blast using him on my way to PD Grandmama but now that I’ve got him it’s time to say goodbye… see below for a highlight I had with him (wait until the end)

Air Jordan XXXI

+5 draw foul (gets him to 98)
+5 driving dunk (gets him to 95)
+5 passing accuracy (81, play him at PG!)
+5 speed (gets him to 94)
+5 steal (gets him to 90)

Go get him!

Contact dunk is still 65.

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What’s his dunk tendencies tho.

I used the purple orange Cp3 shoes and he was unguardable. I auctioned him because people are paying insane amounts.

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This is all you need to know

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I think I’d use the white kobes or something to raise SWB, but these sound solid too. How much of a difference does +5 driving dunk make? Hasn’t seemed to do much when I’ve used them, despite dunking shoes adding new animations to some players last year

He can only wear Jordan

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Lol that makes sense. Silly me. Probably would go with CP3s then. I’ve come across a few players (like Magic) that appear to be restricted but can wear anything

That was sick!

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Right? I think HOF Posterizer more than makes up for low contact dunk

He went over that dude!


That is easily the sickest clip I have ever seen from 2K

lol thanks I have one that’s better from 2K17

Posterized Penny, made the guy quit, and got a diamond shoe back when they were the tier reward prize

Straight up high flyer set with hof post and he has 65 contact dunk like wtf is 2k smoking

Totally agree. It’s the only card I’m missing for the set though.

PD MJ on route soon enough