[XB1] $9/100K MT (IN STOCK) - Trusted Member

I still have MT left and since there’s some demand for it, I’m willing to part with some more. Please read details.


  • Buyer goes first unless trusted member with large rep
  • 2K tax not covered
  • Fast Transactions
  • Trusted member for over a year and a half


  • 1 Million


  • Venmo
  • PayPal Friends and Family for trusted members only


  • :exclamation: $9.00 per 100K (extremely firm, will not entertain other offers)


How much for all 4mil?

sorry man can’t do that deal w/ someone who just joined

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We all know you’re the real SCAMMER

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SOLD OUT! I think that’s it for the MT shop this cycle. thanks to everyone who trusted me and bought from me.

see y’all in 2K21.


huge vouch for my guy :fire: alternated going first with no issues. legit as it gets

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alright with the current supply and demand being what it is I’m going to part with some MT that I was going to keep for GOAT packs. I’m going to be in and out of the house today but hmu if u need some. price is firm!

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PM sent bro

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Big vouch super easy one of the best transactions ive had one this site

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Pm me if u are still selling!

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Huge vouch I went first and everything was smooth thanks again man!

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opening up one more time. details at the top.

Big vouch quick and easy

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vouch, fast and easy transaction

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Trusted seller!! Big vouch!!! Easy and quick transactions

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1 million back in stock. i may be a little slower than normal to respond tonight but i’ll be around. details at the top!