[XB1]($75) Selling an account with Wilt, Worthy, CP3 and an Opal of your choice

No minimum price! Hit me up with offers.

  • Galaxy Opal James Worthy (fully badged with CP3s), Wilt (fully badged with white kobes) and CP3
  • Reward Opal of your choice
  • '19 Collection completed
  • Throwback Collection completed
  • 1st Anniversary set completed
  • 11 Heat Checks locked
  • Rookie Sensations set completed
  • 12 TDIH Cards (Including PD Mikan)
  • A ton of logos, coaches and arenas
  • Reg Domination is finished, the 2nd Dom is 9 games in
  • Dr. J badged out with CP3s, Hakeem fully badged with 3pt KDs, J. Will and Finley
  • I’ve every good reward card.
  • Basically every locked or reward card is fully badged with a diamond shoe.

big vouch for my guy! Been helping me with mt transfers all year :ok_hand:




Big bump.


Bump. Willing to give YOU a great deal!

Vouch great dude



Bump. I’m feeling really generous today…

Buy now, will cost you less then you can imagine.

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Thats all stuff that can’t be sold on the AH right?


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Willing to let it go for $75. Just take it.

Man someone buy this account this is a damn steal!

@JohnnyHimrod instead of buying Mt this week


$75 it’s a STEAL

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Any other games on the account ?

If you were on ps4 I’d take it