[XB1] 50k Height-Lock Tourney - Accepting entries!

Organizing a “HEIGHT LOCK” tournament on XB1:

PG’s: 6’3" and under
SG: 6’6" and under
SF: 6’9" and under
PF: 7’0" and under
C: 7’3" and under

Height rules apply to that player while he’s on the court. i.e. you can have as many 7’1" guys on your squad as you want, but you can only play them one at a time at the center position.This way you Giannis cheesers aren’t stuck with him at C and Porzingis fans can still run him at C.

It will be hard to enforce these height rules, so please run your lineup by your opponent ahead of time or post it in the thread here. If you accidentally sub in someone in the wrong position you must sub them out at your earliest opportunity or that game will be forfeited.

  • Maximum 2 Galaxy Opals
  • Buy-in: 50k
  • Payouts: Champion 75% 2nd Place 25% (after tax)
  • Best of three series! Need at least 8 entrants.

So that you don’t have to post your Gamertag, please PM that info to your opponent.

@element (PAID)
@HollygroveMikey4MVP (NOT YET PAID)
@508G37 (NOT YET PAID)
@Delano_23 (NOT YET PAID)
@jc9288 (NOT YET PAID)


Yes it’s over , og is the champion

Should someone (me?) organize another one soon? I’m feeling the itch.

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Yes definitely , I would like to participate , but I wanna get Giannis before I do :slight_smile:.

You should coordinate with Harry

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I think we would need a GO limit of 1. Or, if you don’t use any, get 2 more PD’s allowed. Something like that.

GO Giannis is a ridiculous advantage. Can’t punish those who grinded for him but at the same time it’s just not fair, lol

Yeah absolutely … also the matchups can be made according to lineup strength. So there would be no case of a GO against a non GO

This was mine from last year

A themed lineup tourney ?

Ps4 Id play

Yeah theme tourneys are really fun. Tiers, teams, position lock, anything to mix it up.

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How about a height limit tourney?

Can play as many opals as you want and anyone out of position you just can’t exceed the height limit for each position on the floor

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Can always do height limit mixed with tier theme or limits

Something like that… needs to be super simple (from experience). Things get complicated instantly if you try to many rules lol

im in

When will you get him? Would like to include you bro, but not if it’s in 2 weeks or something :frowning:

ehhhh 6’3 and under is a lil weird

guess ill pull out zeke

That’s the idea man! Use some cards that are collecting dust…

In :white_check_mark:

lineups should be locked as well lol