[XB1] | $20 12-0 Service | MT $20/100k

I’m so damn salty, I just went 11-1.

How’s Larry y’all? :slight_smile:

He’s trash man, you’re not missing out on much

I kinda feared that. That jumper with the MTU button lag, unresponsiveness, etc. must just get stuffed all the time.

He’s really slow on top of that. It takes a century to shoot with him.

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I’m here to vouch for my guy @teqson. I was fed up trying to get it done with all the game not counting bs and decided to hit him up. Did it just a couple hours after approaching him about it.


Bump. 500k available.

Big vouch for 12-0 super fast super cheap :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Bump, 400k available. 12-0 service also available.

100k available, 12-0 service too.

200k up for grabs

Big Vouch

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I’ll take last 200k

It’s already gone bro. I’ll let you know when I have more.

200k available.


Big vouch right here. Was able to finish it in a few hours. Communicated the whole way through too.

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Don’t sweat trying to go 30-0 for Amare. Hit @teqson and spend your time grinding somewhere else.

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Literally $20 is way worth the time you spend getting mad at the game. He gets it done

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Bump, 200k available