[XB1] 1.6mil in stock for sale - 9.5usd for 100k

Hi guys.
Finished G.O.A.T collector level and got a very good rewards team, so it’s time to sell my remaining MT.
Sold 800k today to @britishhoopfan, everything went smooth.

Let me know if you are interested, PayPal friends & family only.
Have a good day!

PS4 MT available too:

Smooth transaction, he went first as it’s his first time selling - big vouch

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Thanks mate, appreciate it.

Might cop some from u later after work

I’ll be here.
Have a good day :slight_smile:

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vouch for this guy! I went 1st and he delivered no problems


Let me know if you need more.
Have a great day mate :slight_smile:


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I’ll be available for the next hour then I’ll be off for the next 25 hours.
If someone need a quick mt don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’ll post here again tomorrow when I’ll get back.

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Check messages

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Honest seller. I had some problems on my end but the money was refunded.
Hopefully we can deal soon

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im interested

I’m back guys.
PM if you are interested in some quick MT.

Big vouch for my guy!

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Vouch! Smooth and quick

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big vouch fast and quick service. Would recommend

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Great seller big vouch

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Going to sleep for few hours.
If anyone interested, PM.
I’ll get back you to ASAP.

Damn you sleep?

Vouch. Good seller