[XB] teqson’s MyTeam Service

Vouch for bro. Got me the free 20 pack Luka box and i pulled EG Luka

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I’m back for 2K24. It’s gonna be an interesting year :yum:


Hit me up if you want any of these for a head start:

  • Level 40 Season Reward - Diamond Kyrie Irving
  • Unlimited Reward - Ruby Julius Randle
  • Clutch Time 50 win Reward - Ruby Wally Szczerbiak
  • Clutch Time Online 50 win Reward - Ruby Bruce Bowen
  • Triple Threat 100 win Reward - Ruby Alonzo Mourning
  • Triple Threat Online 50 win Reward - Ruby David Wesley
  • Triple Threat Online: Co-Op 50 win Reward - Ruby Isaiah Rider
  • Token Market (40 Tokens) - Amethyst Tom Gugliotta
  • Token Market (20 Tokens) - Ruby Darrell Griffith
  • Token Market (10 Tokens) - Sapphire Franz Wagner
  • Level 35 Season Reward - Amethyst Magic Johnson
  • Level 25 Season Reward - Ruby Bradley Beal
  • Level 20 Season Reward - Sapphire Vlade Divac
  • Level 15 Season Reward - Emerald Jordan Clarkson
  • Level 10 Season Reward - Emerald Kevin Garnett
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:expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

Bump. Available for some grinds

arent they literally handing out bans left and right for anyone getting things grinded by other people ?

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Nope, not as far as I know. All you can get banned for at the moment is quitting matches :rofl:

Available for Summer Standouts agendas

how much you charge to finish current domination? it is so boring

First time using @teqson . Great experience…super vouch

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