WWE releases

This list is crazy. Mike Chioda even got fired. He debuted as a ref for WWE in 83’. He was personally my favorite referee


Nooooooo. Not Heath :pensive:

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Lio Rush, Finlay, Mike rotunda(Bray and Bo’s father) this sucks man

Gallows and Anderson were just on Wrestlemania too. Though they have never been the same since leaving NJPW

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They just got new merch too, right?

What was the point of bringing EC3 back? They never used him.


Is R truth still around

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Mike_Chioda :disappointed_relieved:

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Yeah the :goat: is still there


Vince McMahon need pay 100 million for Alberto Del Rio & CM Punk come back

EC3 will make TNA/IMPACT great again

He got kids man

Really sad day as a Wrestling fan. Such a great group of talents released. Hopefully after this is over those names make a big splash in whatever the end up next.


Man Rusev got released too. :pensive:


No way

I won’t watch WWE anymore if NXT is full time for RAW & Smackdown

This should be a lesson to all you kids. Something I learned long ago. NEVER EVER have a single source of income. Never ever think that because you do a great job and you work hard that a company wont drop you in a second.
And most importantly always save up for a rainy day.

It’s crazy. Maybe if the WWE didn’t bride Florida with 18.5 million dollars they could have kept most of these people who they already underpaid

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They were going to default on a 200 million dollar deal and payed 18million to be able to fulfill that obligation and keep that deal intact.

That 18 million was money well spent. All those wrestlers released didnt draw a dime. Start thinking with your head and not with your heart if you want to make lots of money.

i’m surprised Jinder Mahal has not released yet he would be great in IMPACT could Alberto Del Rio 2.0 back in 2017 more money/views with born other country billion fan they still have contract with India stadium

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