WWE 2K19, have you played the game?

Is it any good? Whats the best most fun part about the game? Im a bit bored with gaming lately n looking for some over the top type of action lol the fun kind :slight_smile: you know?


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I got it for my brother. He plays it on his PS4, so Iโ€™ve barely played it myself, but I can still say it feels better than 18โ€™. Striking feels a lot better for example

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No Hogan, no buy

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No hulk? :sweat:

I got WWE2K16. Donโ€™t keep up with WWE enough to want the new one.

The game has felt the same since 17, I havnt bought it since then because I just feel like they smooth things out but all together itโ€™s the same game

Hmm sounds familiar

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Weird how that works right, except on NBA we get a different type of cheese each year, last year 5 out this year pnf screen hiding