WTH is this ? BOl

Yoooo why is Bol moving like that? I know hes in takeover but my god and with Sharp lol


Looks like that skills challenge Porzingis is back

Wow he’s got a high ass release too I’m gonna have fun trolling tonight when his price drops a bit


Is MyTeam less realistic than NBA Jam at this point? I think it is fun this way and I loved NBA Jam.

Damn lol… GG!

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It’s over Hahaha

Bol is glitchy af

It’s funny, Dude is doing all that foolishness and losing to someone that plays hands up defense at halfcourt.

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How much is bol bol going for?

Oh, please no. That card was so broken.

Not sure if you watched the same video we watched , but yo me it looks like he’s fucking around , there’s no comp In This mode to begin with

Can anyone tell what shoes he has on? Hard to see.

I didn’t watch the vid, but I know for sure Bol gets sharp takeover with the pink striped shell toes and D’Antoni :+1:t3: