WTF is wrong with this game?! I can't finish MTU game!

Got kicked off 3 times in a row in 3rd quarter during timeouts, anybody knows what’s going on?


Just had same in a PNO game

On Xbox? Looks like Xbox live is down

somebody dashboarding means it doesnt count, not sure how this wasnt tested lol

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No, PS4. It’s not the server, I didn’t get L nor W, game just didn’t count :angry:

Happened to me too. Can’t go 12-0 if I can’t even finish a game smh

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Are you sure?!

I should be 8-0 now :rage:


Yeah man there is a glitch. Unless your opponent literally uses the quit option you won’t get a win.

So we can literally play for a week now, just trying to complete 12 games. Fucking great :rage:

You can play the whole month and go 0-0 lol.

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Like a less annoying version of the sub glitch

So thanks to this bullshit gg to Disco Ball and Fire ball rewards… There is 5 hours left to win 15 games in mtu and get blue camo ball reward (weekly agenda), that is necessary to complete disco ball collection (and disco ball is necessary to complete fire ball collection). Good shit 2k… As always… Smfh