WTF is wrong with the Celtics?

All hate aside. What’s going on? Great coach, great roster. Why are they losing winnable games?

Dont get me wrong, I love brad stevens, but hes a little overrated. Hes got great ATO plays and great defensive schemes but not very good on the offensive side.

They will figure it out and well be wondering why everyone was freaking out at thanksgiving.

That being said, Jaylen brown has been bad, hayward a shell of himself so far, jayson tatum is suffering from the disease of Kobe, and Kyrie cant guard anyone

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their roster is deep, maybe too much…

They’re trying too hard to get everyone involved it seems like. Too many guys getting too many shots it gets sloppy

The same thing that’s wrong with the Lakers. Players are not playing their roles and the coach isn’t doing a good job of assigning the right people minutes. Boston is overcrowded. Gordon Hayward is coming off of injury. He is one of the least productive Celtics and he’s playing over 27 mpg while only averaging 10ppg and shooting 38% fg 28% 3pt. That’s not helping the team, plus I’m sure other players might be a bit jealous. Jaylen Brown is averaging similar numbers to Gordon. They just aren’t playing great basketball. A lot of that has to be blamed on coaching. I’m gonna say Brad Stevens relationship with Hayward is the problem. He should reduce his minutes and work him in slowly.

Time to get rid of Kyrie and run the offense thru Tatum they need a real c no shade to horford since he’s nice asf but I like him at pf

yep kyrie made a mistake saying he would re-sign next year. He will be a Knick with KD next year.

I think boston just wants to get hayward reps so he can get that rust off and get back to being an 18/ 20 pt player

Bucks at it again 43 point win vs blazers

Damn dude. They are damn good. I mean they literally run 5 out with giannis. But all their guys can jack 3s. They are scary when they are hitting their shots

Last year they outperformed. And now when Irving, Hayward is back everybody had bigger expectations.
They just need time with the “new guys”. Or they arent that good. Time will tell. But its only the regular season, and we are in november.

Maybe the myteam meta is really just a few years ahead of the nba meta :thinking:

They didn’t play with two ball stoppers last year, now they have to incorporate them both back, and one of them had a significant injury. They should really trade Gordon Hayward.

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He has an awful contract.
They have to trade Irving imo.

NEVER give a non-international white guy a max contract. The #1 NBA rule. GMs should be fired on the spot for violating this. It’s not the 80’s anymore.

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Btw he is a good 2nd or 3rd option, but not worth that money long-term if u want to build a contender team. He was lucky that he entered FA on that summer.

Irving is playing well. Not his fault. Teams are playing their best ball against us and hitting some crazy shots. We are not rising to the occasion lol. Irving has shaken the rust off. Hayward looks great apart from his shooting, surprisingly. Im loving him off the bench atm too. The offense is just so so bad right now. But the hype is still there. We’ve beaten the bucks and the raps. We bully the sixers. We havent even sniffed our best yet. So I’ll say as a boston fan yes shit looks terrible right now lol. But we will pick it up for sure

For his price tag… He is not a bench player and he’s getting a lot of minutes.

Yeah when you bring up his price he isnt worth that right now. That’s the only thing really