WTF is wrong with PD Magic?!

WTF is wrong with PD Magic?!

I have been away from the game for a bit so I haven’t really encountered many PD Magics. Especially really good users. But my most recent game, I was against Magic and I have NEVER been so disrespected by a poster in all of 2k. That magic card is stupid good. I need this card… Dno when this card’s price will be at it’s lowest but it seems like a must cop.


Yea he’s a monster

Ben Simmons >

What can I say, He’s “Magic”

Tomorrow when we get PG elig LeBron lol

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He is a Villain

He will be cheap approximately 2.5 hours from now. Everyone is putting cards up because they want these cards coming up. Watch the AH.

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He is automatic for me at the post. Must cop mate.


I’m pretty stoked for that lebron card. For some reason each year his release just works for me. But I don’t know how much better his card will be over this magic.



Magic is juiced can do everything Ben Simmons can do and also shoot 3s


You think he will crash even more during the weekend? I’ve got 950k but I want to save for a possible LBJ. I just can’t replace Gilbert at PG. He’s too nice.

Save for LBJ

You try ja Morant. Trust me. U like Gilbert u will like ja

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Sounds good. For you bro, I’ll pick him up tonight. What’s a good price for him?

I think he was going for 50/55 earlier

Then u can liquidate arenas :wink:

Haha I’m not sure about that just yet. Gilbert is my OG. His release is perfect for me. My game just ended so I’ll look for a Ja Morant card and try him out

Magic down to 200k any chance he drops to 150k now is the time to pick one up for low maybe .

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If we get point guard lebron in packs magic’s price will go down further.

I picked up a Ja with diamond contract and diamond shoe for 55. let’s see how he plays!

Update: 12/1/4 so far in the 1st quarter


Best Point guard as of now. he wont go down in price unless we get a PG lebron lol