WTF is up with this birdbox movie

My girl and I watched it, both pretty good movie critics if I must say. The movie was trash. So many plot holes, wasn’t scary or tense hardly at all. Why are people raving how good it is? I thought it was hot garbage


It’s a meme

Because Netflix can’t create a movie nearly as well as they can a TV series so any remotely watchable movie on Netflix gets hyped


I’m with ya man. I watched it with my girl too and we both were let down. I also was so disappointed with the ending, had to be the worst I’ve seen in a while and the fact that people online are acting like they’ve never seen or heard of Sandra Bullock before lol.

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Same with Bandersnatch. All gimmicks now.


Yeah both sucked. At least birdbox had dope actors but even then meh

The ending was trash bags literally just over sensationalized bs nothing to see here

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I wouldn’t say Sandra Bullock is a “dope” actress but I always love to see Rel Howery

I actually enjoyed it. Would have been nice to know the origins of the demons but meh

Way too many plot holes…

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Movie was trash shoot with a nice lens. Giving up now on netflix movies

On the topic of Bandersnatch. Whose seen Nosedive, White Bear and the other fire Black Mirror episodes they are nuts


Don’t get me started on A Quiet Place. It’s one of the least-intelligent movies I’ve ever seen.


Same with “a quiet place”. Was so excited to watch it, and it was pure garbage. Im actually quite surprised Sandra bullock actually played in it. Seemed pretty low budget. Was severly disappointed

I legit don’t even know what Birdbox is. Am I a caveman? Maybe?

Its an over hyped Netflix original movie. People are saying its good, but its garbage. waste of 2hrs

If you watched it right when it came out before all the social media hype, it was actually pretty decent. I enjoyed it, flaws and all.

You could be right. I had such high expectations since I love those types of movies, and none were met. Set aside all of the hype though, I just thought the overall movie was bad. The most intense part of the movie was when the kid fell out of the boat lmao. That’s when you know its bad

Watched while ago as well.
Didn’t now that it’s hyped now, have to check to realize that is a move I already know.
Definitely not a bad movie.

BanderSnatch was craaaaaaazy