WTF is up with 25pt wins in sweatymax

I’m so damn hot right now. I realize if the team sucks or they are in gold or a placement match you shouldn’t get much. This guy was good though. I’m in diamond and I just beat a guy in pd, was a sweaty ass win, and I get 25 fucking points. WTF is this shit?!?

I should be sitting at 3300 at least but no a little over 3100 fuck me. This is straight robbery no other explanation straight robbery.

At this point if I’m playing supermax it’s just to try out a new card or attempt to have fun. Because let’s face it, the point system seems to be random, the round rewards often suck & even though PD KP will be godly he’ll be around at the end of 2k’s life cycle. And I’ve been there man I grinded a whole season for Clyde…not worth going crazy over man

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Yea bro I’m guessing the guy had a terrible record but then again I played someone in the same tier as me with a record of 22-4 and only received +27 points. Im just relieved that I made it to pd 3 days ago so these last few days have been great. Keep at it bro it will be worth it tmr when you make it he’ll you might make it tonight lol

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I’m on a 6 streak of these 25pt wins, calm down bro.

I been getting them a lot too, but against a pd player and I’m in diamond? That’s bullshit. This guy told me he’s winning a little over 70 percent of his games too.