Wtf is going on?

Why is there a lebron and mj with all 99’s? Trial cards?

2k found the crack dealer

2k is the crack dealer?

How much is the regular pd br9n?

Bro were u in a coma? Dont look at the value of your cards Haha

I’m in India, can’t sell any of my cards.

Oh yea, you just woke up I’m assuming @AnirudhB? You’re about to not be happy. Sorry homie.

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65k with contract. I was dumb enough to buy one for 95k with contract this morning

no console?

pd kd and westbrook both go for 30k

OG PD MJ is less than 40k lol

What to happened?

duo packs happened

How expensive are the new mj and lebron?

Huge Ah crash with new release 99 mj and Lebron.


duo packs crashed the market. everyone wants the perfect lebron and mj. packs werr juiced too, pulled new PD Bron from a 10 box

MJ under 150k on xbox

i got pd wade and russ and diamond embiid in 15 or so packs

Mj closer to 120-140 on ps4. Probably cheaper by time you are back. But your cards will also be cheaper