Wtb mt xb1

Wtb mt xb1

I know someone that wants to buy 100k seen a couple deals last few days anyone got anymore?


Depending on what comes out today if it isn’t all that I got 200 I can let go


Yeah after I see what comes out I got you, incase one of my favorite players comes out which most likely won’t happen I can part with the mt

I’ve got a friend that’s really wanting to buy some mt, so he can complete sets and get token cards that might help him beat all time Dom. Let me know if you don’t like the drop today and I’ll connect y’all on twitter.

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I have some MT to sell too. Well damn, everyone can eat lol


Seeing you on them leader boards might tell me you got some serious mt over there lol

I really don’t. Grinding is not worth it now

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Lol your price is out of reach brother