WTB: Diamond Chris Mullin w/Diamond Contract and/or Shoe

Ugh, early in the week, I passed up a badged up one that cost more MT but basically made base card 65K.

Still feel 75K or even 70K is too high for this card.

Exactly. I saw one last night at 70k with stock badges and couldn’t pull the trigger. Might just grab a Booker until I can find what I want with Mullin.

Yeah. I had a 68K bid outbid.

Got a DI DeMar for a good price last night, and he can keep me busy for a while.

Now that people will have been drawing DI Contracts and shoes like crazy, I’d like to buy a Contract and the Nike Kobe A.D. defensive shoe. On a Mullin and, actually, on others as well. Let me know if you have that shoe and want to sell.