WTB: Diamond Chris Mullin w/Diamond Contract and/or Shoe

Along with periodically combing listings, thought I’d throw up this post to see if anyone is interested in making a sale, if…

You have DI Mullin with a DI Contract and/or DI Shoe of some sort. Or if you can, and are willing, to buy a DI Mullin and add these for a custom deal.

Let me know what you’d like as a premium for the DI Contract and any shoe(s) you might be interested in “selling.”

I’m not looking for the most premium 3pt shoes since he’s already almost maxed. Mainly would be interested in Speed/Accel/SWB boosting and/or Def IQ/LQ/Def Consistency boosting.

If you have this Kobe A.D. that, I think, is not really popular, then could be good opportunity to get appropriate return on it:

Kobe A.D. Mid (White with some blue)
+9 Block
+9 Lateral Quickness
+9 Pass Perception
+9 On-ball Defense IQ
+9 Shot Contest

I’m patient and will be combing for deals so not a great opportunity for anyone to cash in big, with me, sorry. But totally receptive to any reasonable offers.

Mullin can only wear Nikes if i remember correctly.

Good to know, thanks. Makes sense, as he was actually with Nike for most of his career. But…pretty surprising that they would attach shoe affiliation with him. Thought it would fly under the radar, especially since they seem more lax this year, with even Kemp and Iverson not being restricted to Reeboks.

I’ve got a diamond Kobe AD defense shoe…and contracts in my inventory… I’m on PS4

Which Kobe shoe is it? [List below.]

What would you like to get as premium for the Diamond Contract and the Shoe?

don’t really know the going rate for the shoe it’s just basically collected dust since the Kobe promo… But I don’t want to give some dickish high price so let me look around to get an idea what it goes for… but I’d also have to pick up Mullin off the AH… when we’re you looking to get the card by?

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I appreciate that. I’m patient and not in a rush and I’ll also try to look around and see if I can get a gauge for what the approximate value is. Appreciate any kind of bro deal but definitely not looking to shortchange anyone.

I need to get a good sense of how Mullin’s price is going right now, anyway. Last I saw, this morning, he was like 70K or right below.

I may even pick up one and try it out a different shoe to see if I’d prefer more flexibility. I’m always intrigued by bumping Post Fade when guys are already at 90+.

Anyway…kind of a relief that you’ve just had it sitting around. I’m not in a rush and glad that I wouldn’t be asking you to hold off on a desire to attach and sell very soon.

I could buy a diamond Mullin and put a diamond contract and diamond Nike Foamposite shoe on him if you want.

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Thanks, appreciate the offer. Think I prefer that Kobe A.D. shoe, though, so will see if I can make a deal with @Mintberrycrnch first.

That Foamposite is probably best on a big…would be nice on Diamond Dwight or even KAT, though I guess with KAT maybe want to boost his SWB/Speed/Accel (or Moving Mid). Actually, with all bigs, Speed/Accel is always attractive, especially the ones already fast. Dwight at 99/91 Speed/Accel would be bonkers.

I don’t blame you lol… I’ve just had that shoe sitting around forever, so I thought I’d offer.

If you wouldn’t boost his Spd/Accel or 3pt ratings, would be nice on the PD Robinson. Or Thurmond. D-Rob only his 90 Hands and Steal boost would bump him to 93, with Pass Perc and React Time maxed. LQ from 89 to 98.

It actually could be a nice shoe for Joe Johnson.

Yea I have trouble making permanent commitments to cards or shoes in this game… I always feel like after I lock a collection or add a shoe to a card 2k will screw me over.

The idea of putting a DI shoe on a Joe Johnson makes me recoil.

That is very true lol.

Best defensive shoe in the whole game imo. I had them on Beal and it was night and day.

I’ve this shoe on diamond KD. Best shoe for him imo.

This is the best defense shoe in the game. I was lucky enough to find amy Finley with it!

Seems that these KG packs were disappointing, overall, and the best prices got, right around now, was during the Night Before sell-off. 70K and just below.

Now it’s more like high 70’s. Probably can camp and find one 73-75K.

Probably going to wait for this to come down more. Got a couple new cards last night at flippable prices, to fool around with.

Agreed. Saw lots of Mullins below 70 on Tuesday/Wednesday but now they sellout immediately in the low 70’s. I’m looking for basically the same card with Diamond Contract and shoe as you. Also disappointing is that there are none that I can find with additional badges. Everything is stock.