Wow what a 20 pack bundle

The pack gods were on my side


Jesus. Congrats bro.

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meanwhile i packed dumbass chaucey billups 25 times fuck 2k

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For real, 25 times?

Man, it was looking pretty bleak for you there for a minute too, congrats on the pulls.


i cant believe my luck. lets see how the rest of the allstar content goes for me

I pulled 3 Nashes… whah whaaaaau

Damn and I thought I was lucky. Pulled Lebron and Nash in a 10 Pack Box. Wanted that MJ too!

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9 times. im trying to figure out how to delete my 2kg account so i have no absolutely no incentive to support this game


Wow. Meanwhile I spent 150k vc and 70k mt and pulled one Chauncey Billups… Fml


Lol man had 1.5 million vc thats gross stop giving your money to 2k just earn mt


he’s a ballin granpapa money is no object to him


Shit, glad I wasn’t the only one who made out like a bandit. I haven’t booted up the game since the second week it was out (tired of the grind) but today my son was badgering me about opening packs since he likes it so much (Thank god everything is pw locked in terms of the credit cards)

It’s refund season, so I figured fuck it and shelled out enough to be able to open a 20.

He got MJ and VC within 4 packs of each other, I was fucking stunned. I’m really starting to wonder if there’s some truth to the old pack-juicing myths, because it strikes me as odd to get that good a box after not playing in 5 months.

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Nice pull. I still need a few seconds to realize the card glow is Opal before the card flips

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Seeing this content drop has me wondering how much money I saved this year not playing 2k. Never considered myself a big spender but buying MT and VC for 20-40 here and there adds up quick

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I’m always tempted to spend money. But I lost too much in 2K18/19.
Some guys get lucky, some just loose. But I’m always happy to see people get the cards through pulls.
But all the bad packs keep me in my nms track.

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Im dead :rofl::rofl::rofl:

with work and kids I don’t have time to do the full time grind. I don’t spend my $ on a daily coffee or buy lunch at work etc.

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