Wow raptors

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Wow. I actually would love that move for them

This shit is crazy

Masai is a Savage.



Conley, Kawhi, Gasol… Siakam… Ibaka. I dig it.

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Toronto Clamptors


championship move

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Man if Masai pulls this one off…

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So no anthony davis ?

Lowkey i feel like this move is partially because of kyles lack of health with his back. But would suck to see him go. But thats a great deal. Each team eats an older player.

Only thing 3 of them got to stay healthy though they want to make that push.

meanwhile, the wiz are paying a dude who ruptured his Achilles by slipping in his house.


if all healthy they got a chance vs the warriors


Hell yea they do.

Conley has decline a lot and Lowry is much better, while Gasol is much better then JV. Both Gasol and Conley big injury prones also both of them would have to be worked in into the team, so not sure on this.

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Then they might get some good buyout players to go with it.

aren’t they both quite older than kyle and JV?

Nah Conley and Lowry about same age, but Gasol much older then JV.

Man this got me so confused as to how i should feel. All i see is 5 all stars to conleys 0. Aware of the massive upgrade at c. But we get older too. …