Wow. Just got an email from 2K for 2K20 for free

Wow. Just got an email from 2K for 2K20 for free

Is this just the temporary ‘free to play’ or full game?

Are they actually smart enough to target previous spenders with a free copy of the game to reel us back in?

The email has a code and literally says this:

Here is your NBA 2K20 code. Redeem now in the Microsoft Store and download the game for free today.


I think there is free play days for Xbox live members

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I checked and that ended Sunday. This is different

Same thing just happened to me. It’s the full game, I’m pretty sure.


Yooo wtf

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I got it too, im dling the game atm. I havent played 2k20 yet.

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I’m tempted. My gaming and life habits have changed and I don’t have the time I once did. MyTeam and MyPlayer isn’t as interesting but PNO or MyLeague sound ok. It might feel ever more gratifying to take the offer and proceed to enjoy the game without even playing the microT modes :joy:

We will dark side together



VORK would you even play MyTeam?


Ima play with my bronze bums and remember why I stopped playing and then DELETE

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Lmaoooo they must be hurtin


What a reach.

no code for me :expressionless:


I’m enjoying how crazy this is. They just gave it to us out of nowhere.

I honestly thought it was a phishing email.


NGL I considered buying the game for PNO or MyLeague but now I’ll download for free, maybe not even play at all and it makes the decision to buy COD much easier. And I got Outer Worlds with GamePass.

ok but what about the people who paid $60 for this game? we just got our pockets ran thru? lucky i got this game for basically free but i feel bad for people who paid full price


How many thousands did you spend in micro transactions last year?

I guarantee this email is targeted to anyone who hasn’t bought the game yet that spent a certain amount last year.


i always play 2k NMS, i spent at most $15 last year, i just bought the game with an old psn card i had from christmas. if 2k is really targetting big spenders then thats mad shady and desperate af

I considered downloading for PNO and to just roll with the Sixers, but it’s a slippery slope to MyTeam. Leaning no.


Shorting TTWO stock pack sales must be down the gutter.

Hire me next year 2K I can build a fire content schedule that will make shareholders $$$. Whoever is running the show this year needs to get fired.