Wow, finishing at the rim is an absolute joke in this game

I complained about this a lot in previous years, but this is mind numbingly pathetic. Brick after brick after brick. Anthony Davis averaging 3 for 10 down low, DWade getting his sh** stuffed left & right.

This stupid game is STILL predicated on height & animations. T-Mac has no issues driving & dunking through traffic, even if they’re horrible looks. George Mursan’s 7’7 Ogre looking self has no issues laying it over my 7’0 centers.

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this card is sooo much fun.


It’s bad in park.

In park I brick almost all of my layups unless they are wide open

This game is a joke :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m confused. Isn’t bad paint defense one of the major gripes most people have with the game? But you’re saying it’s too hard to finish in the paint. It can only be either or


I think I get what they’re saying

Driving layups vs standing close shots with players who have even a slight height advantage, essentially

Marbury >>> Wilt in finishing at the hoop. That’s all that needs to be said about this game.


Bro, I got a video for y’all. I’ll use some of the footage from the guy I played in $250k tournament and some of me using his style since the big L I took. If you use hops, gathers, spins, and Euro’s you will make or draw a foul on about 80-90% of the shots at the rim. It’s stupid! I got whooped by free agent Blake griffin!


Giannis is an auto bucket or worst case a foul though. Just feather the turbo and initiate a hop and finish from there.

Also big men like Di Dikembe and Amy Hakeem, or even Ruby Wilt are almost unguardable in the post. Dikembe and Hakeem have that beautiful hook, Hakeem has the fade and Wilt has that drop step.