Would you pay for Area 51 type tips for 2k20?

I remember this one website for 2k that charges 20.00 a year for the top glitched/tricks/tips. I subscribed one year and I became top notch cheeser, and was one of the better players of the 2k community, now that I don’t try to cheese anymore, I’m a ok 2k player now. I know everyone is so competitive and want to be known to the community, would you play 20.00 a year for all the unstoppable plays, tips, tricks and etc?

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With the amount of try hards out there and their general level of pettiness this side probably makes a killing…
My question would be how many of those informations you will find on yt eventually.

What website?

I have never cheesed too much, but it doesn’t hurt to know.

I doubt they know all the cheese … They would have to play stage constantly to find them out

It was all power dunking plays and standing dunk plays depending on the yr. The typical cheese like post spin dunks and hop steps were easy to figure out and eventually made their way to YT. I don’t think it’s worth it


Mah let the youtubers find it out for you for free lol