Would you have quit?

I’m in europe and because of the generally high concentration of hardcore fans of 2k games when using full teams the matches are at least 80% sweaty. Because of this I use low overall teams at the start of the month to go 12-0 so i don’t have to stress about losses when using my fun team after going 12-0.

I am currently using an 82 overall lineup consisting of Ruby DiVincenzo/ Ruby Fields/ Amethyst OG/ Amethyst Bamba/ Amethyst Zhou Qi. In my 3rd game I came up against someone using Opal Magic/ Glitched TMac/ Silver KCP/ Ruby Jeff Green/ Ruby Thon Maker.

When there was three minutes left in the 4th quarter, I was up 61-38. This is when my opponent decided to hop on the mic and beg me to quit. I proceeded to just dribble out the clock every time i had possession until he decided to pause out, realising i wouldn’t quit.

So i ask you, would you have quit?

no, whenever people beg to quit Id never quit

If I didn’t need the win for my own run yeah sure. If I need it, absolutely not.


yup, this.

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the 12-0 prize has dropped so chances are he is lying if he is saying he is 11-0


I agree, if i have already went 12-0 then i don’t really care about the result of the game. I’m just playing it for fun at that point, so i would probably play the game until the last quarter and then give my opponent the win. That way I get to enjoy playing the game and they get to be closer to getting 12-0.


ive already got gay so yeah. if not no

if yoi have the rewards already then just give the other dude the win.

I would have MOANED excessively into your ear until the game was over.


I’m from EU too let’s run some friendlies :joy:

there is the wrong way of going about problems and then there is the VORK way

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Think about what the VORK would do, and thats the right way

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i played a god squad today on my mates account and was beating him he started spamming me messages to give him the win then started to call me c**t for not doing it. Used all his time outs etc too

I don’t have the rewards yet, in fact I’ve only played 4 games so far (4-0).

I don’t understand people like that. If anything he is wasting his own time, because while it is annoying for you having to wait you still get the win at the end of the game while he has to start over.

Technically, I’m not from Europe since we just had Brexit but yeah i’d like to play you sometime. Though i’ll probably get flooded.

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Na , I’m not a main my team player , but we can have some relax time playing instead of unlimited ahah

If you have to beg someone for a win who is using Bonga against your god squad idc if you are “8-0” you probably arent good enough for 12-0. The way he acted afterwards always reassures me that i made the right decision.

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I know you may not play my team a lot, but i do know that you play a lot of stage/park so i know for a fact you would be cooking me on them screens :joy:

I lost my composure on my team a lot ahah , I will add you tmr

That guy is an example of some of the toxic people in the community, i don’t understand how you can beg for a win and then be shocked/outraged if someone says no? Like how entitled can you be.

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