Would you go first against a new seller with no rep?

If you have rep and the buyer doesnt should you still go first?

hell no


Nope. There’s plenty of reputable people you can do a deal with that will go first

Nope. When it comes to online transactions, it’s always best to be safe.

No unless its someone that has a billion vouchers

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my comment got flagged by a goofy but no its a stupid move

Welp guess that rules me out of selling my MT smh :rofl: Maybe Holleygrove can vouch for me.

Hes trying to force me to buy from him now cause he has a “vouch” now. Smh i just told him the deal was off.

who is he?

I did a deal with a new account, I persuaded him to trust that I wouldn’t ruin my rep over $20 and he went first. very smooth deal

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yea i woudlnt do it

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I tried to buy from him, but as soon as I asked him about going first since I’ve done tons of deals and he’s done zero, all I heard was crickets. I would never go first to a non-proven seller, and I’d advise you the same.

buddy told me he goes to sleep at 3pm CT because of the time zone where he is, he literally just bumped his thread -_-

I told you I was in bed hahaha

I didn’t try force you to do anything, how are you putting vouch in quotations, when I have undeniable video evidence of him buying MT from me, and me giving it to him? Isn’t that legit enough for you? Lol

aye, i could care less tbh, you never know who that is, could be ur buddy like i said, stop acting salty and just give up. We done b