Would you actually believed?

If someone told you last year during 2k19 span that Stockton will be one of the best cards online? I mean the direction the game took is really amazing, gotta appreciate it :slight_smile:


Midget to a monster . Inspiring stuff :slight_smile:

Cheesiest card in the game right now.


Hes really good but can he 5 out hopstep???

He better be good, spending my entire MT reserves to snag him because I’m an idiot.

Thank God Adrian Dantley is free, I’d be re-financing shit for that PD.

Whats he go for? Got about 250k on deck w 700 cards collected. Might go all in and get Eddie Jones

Just bought him for 209

Fuuuuuck that man.
I’d rather grind 300 wins in TT offline for Jamal

Yeah but I’m emotionally obligated to sell everything for a top class Stockton. It’s a disease.

If they release a Pistol Pete next week I’m selling a kidney.



Thats what makes this shit show of a game fun. Everybody is different. I prefer to sell a testicle over a kidney.


Got 700k, worth checking out?

Give it a day or two and see if he comes down in Price if ur just trying to test out

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John Stockton base is actually WETTY.

think we’re the only 2 jazz fans here tho

this Stockton is about to eat all my mt but I have to do it for the sake of offball.

Like a bunny

Just played dude who had him and its quite hard to break him down to say the least.

I expect him to be an offball angel