Would y’all consider Chris Mullin at pg cheese?

Played a friendly match and after an ot thriller I got the dub. Messaged the guy gg and he called out the Mullin at point. He had magic at point who is taller and way cheesier. What do you guys think?

Lmao no he’s just mad

Why would you run him at point is my question…

Wilt at center is more cheesy than this.

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I’m just asking because he’s a better catch and shoot type player than a ball dominate player in the game…

No. Defensively deficient, not especially tall, not a good handler, and would be better as a shooter at 2 or 3.

Actually…I get putting him at PG for trailing threes, as that usually is better than putting shooter at 2, because of path CPU brings those two positions up the court.

But the cheesiness would be the trailing 3’s, not Mullin. And there are cheesier options.

You hit the nail on the head with that one. Mullin did have like 27 points and 10 assists with magic on him. He actually nice as hell and I found him too short to run at the 2 or 3

I mean if that’s how you play why not just do that with hedo whose better st handling the Ball

I’ve tried hedo multiple times but I don’t like him that much imo

Get Tatum then if this is your playstyle limitless will help your cheese

I call it your about to get ripped every play

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