Would Unlimited Arenas put a new spark into the game for me?

Got Hakeem, mainly running TTO to build MT

Currently running


I’m getting kind of bored.

Would Hibachi reinvigorate me?

See he’s about 130-150k with Contract/Shoe.

Not sure who would be cut tho, PG or Magic, probably Magic

He’s the best card I’ve ever used honestly. Averaging nearly 50 ppg, HOF limitless transforms my game every year. He can pull it from anywhere off a pass from Magic. And when he has takeover he simply doesn’t miss if he’s open. Can’t see myself selling him anytime soon

Nope. Only Granger

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Imagine dropping 300k on a player that doesn’t have HOF limitless


If you using him on TTO then gilbert arenas is a freak, i just pull up right at half court if i want too and splash

Might as well get anyone that has a 99 3 ball

Imagine a player without Hof limitless that shoots from limitless better than the card with Hof limitless.

6”9 over 6”3 anyday


See that’s just an opinion and a flawed one at that. How can a card with 99 3 and gold limitless shoot better than a card with 99 3 and HOF limitless

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I wouldnt say he shoots better from limitless but yeah that size in general helps him just shoot over people tho


Gonna look for one with Kobe mids or Kyries so with coach boost, he has both 99 in Open and Contested 3 lol.

He does look fun when I play against him, just got some nice dunk animations.

But easy to take advantage of with Magic to just post up

I’m talking only wide open shots. The only ones I purposefully take


Hedo is better.

6’10” > 6’9”


Nearly 3 times the price. You could build a 12-0 team for the price of granger alone. Pass

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Yeah i mean wide open yeah i pick arenas all day but i get where he’s coming from that size really factors in on contested n shit

Yeah i cant lie that hedo is a fucking animal man just imagine a real PD of that card lol

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I have both of them and Granger is more consistent and unstoppable from 3 than Gilbert has ever been for me. I can just shoot right in someone’s face with Granger. It has to be a combination of animations and height, but he shoots better. Just ask anyone with Diamond ANdrei Kirilenko with no Hof badges does he shoot like he has Hof badges… Myteam is on a low difficulty so the shooting badges don’t seem to make that big of a difference in my humble opinion. Just need a good release and ratings.

Fuck Hedo.

I refuse to use that guy.

Most unrealistic card in the game

Cheesers Paradise lol


I’d take Hedo, Granger and Kirilenko over Gilbert Arenas no lie. All 3 way more dangerous. And none of them have Hof badges.

But just think about this… He has no Hof badges. He is wat more dangerous than Gilbert from 3 because of animations, release and height.

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I tried Hedo out for at least 10 games and he didn’t even cut my bench. I remember preferring Amy Rashard Lewis and running Hedo at the 2 and Lewis at the 4. And I have a mostly Amy bench. So yea I was unimpressed