Would there be a market for Switch MT?

My older bro just copped a switch. He wants to make some $$ on the side and was wondering if anyone on here sold MT on the switch. If so, how much did you sell it for? If not, how much would you guys pay for MT on the switch? Lol thanks!

Not sure what the going rate is for MT but I’d prob pay $6-$8 per 100k

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how generous lol


shuuuuucks at that rate id cop 2k on mine and mob all the switch noobs hahhaha


I was going to but the glitch dont work on switch for some reason.

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I would to but I’ve played 2k on a friend’s switch and it just didn’t feel as smooth. Kinda pissed me off.

$6-$8 per 100k on a system where PD Melo goes for a million plus? Yeah…that adds up.


I figured it didn’t - I was just wondering since MT is a little harder to get, maybe it’s got some jacked up prices.

Idk why but when you get put in mycareer for the first game, it doesnt give you monster stats why you simulate games.

Where our switch bois at? Would any of you guys buy MT if it was available to you?

Naah i got banned on console thats why im on switch now. But im sure some would

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What’s that sound you hear ??? Yeah thats right Crickets.

Lol, if I knew who was on switch, I’d @ them, but I’m not too concerned for this, just asking a question.

I know one , it’s @Shinostique. Maybe he can gather the folks here

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Tell your bro to watch out its a volatile market to be selling shit on 2k lol

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You bet there you would be a market for Switch MT, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is getting abused to the point where we have so many MT millionaires.