Would the superpacks really push down the price?

Kinda thinking about this because now everyone is expecting 2k to drop superpack so nobody is really buying stuff from market right now cuz we all wanna get our cards for cheap during the superpack crash, n everyone is panic selling their cards because they are scared of superpack, I think this is why bird and Bron are so cheap right now.

But when the superpack drops, everyone is gonna be getting their cards during that time cuz everyone is having the same idea. It could be a huge demand but only limited supply of cards since superpack contains all 6 anniversary cards. So there’s only gonna be like 1/6 supply of each cards.

IMO the first anniversary set was cheap after releasing superpack is because nobody was expecting the superpack drop plus the locker code and not too many people would actually wanna get CP3, but the second anniversary set might be different since everyone is thinking of the same thing.


Got your answer , close the thread please :wink:

I think they would cause a slight crash, but nothing nuts. It’s not like AD is going to be popping out of every box.

The first set is so cheap because of a pair of locker codes, not just super packs. Also, Blake is a more desirable lock in reward than CP3. So yeah, I expect a slight price dip, but nothing more than 50-100k per card.

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The first series didn’t crash because of the super packs.

It crashed because of LebronGate.

They gave a locker code for the cards minus Jordan/Giannis the only two cards that didn’t crash.

Then they gave out another locker because the first one glitched on like 60% of the people.

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