Would L.A Dia and Dwight Dia be viable for a 4out 1in lineup

I currently have L.A diamond but i really don’t want to play him as a center and 5out cheese like last year. Do you think those two would be a good pair. If not , who should i pickup instead of L.A ? (btw i love his shooting but he feels kinda sluggish). Thanks in advance.

Alot of people online that run 4out, 1 in have faster PF’s (Usually SF’s) at PF like Bird, Durant, Porzingis, Cousins, etc. So those players are who I would recommend.

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I run 4 out with Jokic/Cousins at PF and Shaq at C. Aldridge would be a good option too. As long as you dont run someone slow as balls at PF u should be good. I like Aldridges defense too, I always prefer having 2 rebounding/defending bigs at PF and C.