Would anyone be down for 2KG ps5 pro am team?

? I’m a 94 6’8 power forward slashing shot

I would but there is 2 things wrong.
1: I’m on Xbox not PS
2: I don’t have a good build and I’m not good at Rec.

Im ready for current , I have a team so people just need to communicate

Ur in Europe. Isn’t cross ocean ass to play?

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Ye it is , but for fun with people from here it’s enough

You just gotta be a normal human being who’s watched a game of bball to not be terrible at rec

Oh ok, I just never play it because the one time I did I got trash talked.

Lol everything but an answer to my question


I’d be down. 97 overall now (hitting 99 by this weekend hopefully).

6’8” max wingspan 2-way PG.

I would also be down, I have a 93 pf, 6’7" and have 70 badges.

I can p4

Yo can I join your pro am team??