Would 1 mil MT be enough to complete HALF of HC

I am sitting on 1590 total cards and I already have half the players for HC collection. Would 1 mil be enough for the other half?

Is webber really worth it? Completing the other half is about 250 cards. That would also put me about 138 from JR. Trigger finger itching. I dont know how to save money. Lol

AD looks better

That’s my other dilemma. AD does look amazing and I dont have him. Doing this for webber also puts me closer to worthy and JR. Ahhhhhh help lol

Me personally im avoiding the collections. Too much MT locked and/or sitting in collections while value decreases. I know who my end game squad is every yr and it doesnt include JR CWebb Worthy Wilt or Giannis …even tho I really like PD Giannis so its tempting. I rather just keep my MT free all year

I personally would never lock for tokens. You can get 15 tokens from one TTO board. Ive made 250 tokens in the last five days on TTO.

Damn what team do you use cuz I swear I get shit ball drops cuz I use 3 PDs

Ive been using my reward cards mostly…like Grant Hill and Dr. J. I change players a lot as a way to sort of practice with them and master their shots/animations. I did a board with Limited Roy, AK47 and AD and didnt get anything so you could be onto something.

I think it’s worth it, but not if you lock them in. If you’re able to get good prices on them during moments (like right now) and you don’t lock in the sets, you’re basically getting him and possibly JR for free. You’ll be able to unlock them and then sell back to buy whoever else you want.

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im on the same boat. from 1300-1750 ive used 600-700k mt. now i cant find cards that are 2k and below. might have to bump my spending budget abit like 3k-5k

I’m trying to be smart and keep my MT saved for Opals so I’m using mostly PD rewards. Hakeem and Duncan will last me almost the whole year. I bought Klay AD and Magic because I do every year and I bought Giannis who I never really used before and wish I did. I believe he’s the best card in myteam at the moment.

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Unless you have all token players, you’ll have to bump it up to 6k to reach Webber.

Last night I built a team of only my rewards and was fine with it. Not sure if I want to sell my auctionable players right now or I probably would.

bro thats gona be tough. 180 cards X 6k almost a milly for 180 cards

Webber is not worth it, just a necessary step on the Giannis grind.

Locking for Worthy isn’t the worst move though, he will dominate until the last few months of the game

Hoarding MT til end of cycle is boring, last year was $5 per 100K. Doesn’t matter.

It’s not 6k the whole way. Just by the end you’ll probably be there.