Worthy vs Vince vs Pettit

Which one of those is the best Opal reward in your oppinion?

I would say:


Kindly check the other thread where we try to rank all GO rewards by voting

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Worthy is the most Comp selection

but Id probably go Vince because at this point theres no reason to use anything but the dopest / your favorite players

Hence me running GO Drose as my pg lol


Worthy is the best Opal reward.

Base 11
HOF Post badges
HOF Stopper
Sharp/Slash pretty easy to acquire on him

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I haven’t faced a Vince yet but Worthy is always a tougher matchup than Pettit.

Unless Opal Vince got a new model I would go with one of the others.

Depends on your style of play. Pettit if you like to bomb 3’s and Worthy if you like to slash. I have both and I use Worthy as my back up 2 where he has played the best for me. I think Pettit is more of a big shot maker or clutch between the two though. Iso ball then go with Worthy all day long.

Worthy is god.


I got Worthy the other day and dude has destroyed peoples ankles and I’m far from a dribble god

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