Worth trying out these cards? (LU Help)

Since the crash, the prices for these cards have gone done quite a bit. They all look very solid on both ends of the floor, and I honestly wouldn’t mind picking them up and running them as my bench unit.

Here are the cards I’m interested in:

  • 95 Terry Rozier
  • 95 Jaylen Brown (SG)
  • 95 Jayson Tatum
  • 95 Marcus Morris (PF)

They would be replacing/ adjusting my current bench unit of:

  • 97 Curry
  • 92 Reggie Lewis
  • 97 Barry
  • 95 AK47
  • 99 Nate

Kirilinko is too good not to have, so I’m considering putting him in the starting LU, making 98 TD my back-up C.

After selling Curry/ swapping players and buying the Celtics, the bench would look something like this:

  • 95 Terry
  • 95 Brown
  • 95 Tatum
  • 95 Morris
  • 98 TD

I’ve also been considering keeping my bench the same while only adding Iggy to the squad, making it look more like this:

  • 97 Curry
  • 95 Iggy
  • 95 Barry
  • 95 AK47
  • 99 Nate

Any help, advice or input on what I should try would be great as I’m looking to both A) make a great all-around team and B) save MT. I should also note that the bench unit sees only 7-10 minutes per game.

Add jaylen

Couldn’t hurt to try them out n have some fun with them, especially if your a C’s fan. They’re all pretty cheap, I’d personally try Marcus smart over Rozier and I’ve used Tatum he’s like a KD Lite lol


Yeah I’m probably going to just sell Curry because he can’t hit shit for me lol too many missed open shots.

You gotta shoot off the dribble with him it’s money

I tried, couldn’t hit anything, but I should’ve known better since I’m usually garbage with Curry cards.