Worth the MT

Is Ak-47 worth the MT? Really just want him for TTO


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How about the Diesel.

1 million MT is absurd for one card. He is crazy good(besides his slow readable shot), but not 1M MT good

Floor General, Defensive leader, range extender, clamps, dimer, post move lockdown…all on hof is that enough?

Did your dad buy you VC

Even if he’s just 200k

If you have to ask if Shaq’s worth it, you can’t afford Shaq. :sweat_smile:

But seriously he’s overpriced when it comes to quality. Money is better spent on multiple meta cards like Kareem/Bol and someone like T-Mac or Magic. Glitched cards are scarce and adds a significant premium to price. If you want him (he is the best C, no legit arguments against it) you’re going to have to overpay… for now. I can’t see him staying above 750k in the coming weeks, but fwiw I bought him for 860 and feel comfortable holding him for the short term… mainly because he’s godly and I’ll eat the 300k loss if I want to sell him down the road.

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Maaan I want someone to just gush about how he’s worth 2x the price so I can bankrupt my MT and pick him up.

AK is very good, OP but Glitched Wallace is what you’re after if you need a 6’9" Wade with elite defense.

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Nah I have pink diamond PG. He is a million times better

PG & Reddish have the same release right?

Yeah cam lacks big time in interior defense

His card is just extremely broken lmaooo

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*Stepdad, hes not my real dad

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