Worth selling

Diamond Magic and Anthony Davis for diamond Gasol and Big O? I have Kareem and Kobe. It’s a marginal stat boost but a boost

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bro that kareem oscar duo is nutty

I’d say no In my opinion big o not having Hofmann d Stopper is a deal breaker it doesn’t put him over Diamond Magic.

What nvm didn’t know they had a duo for him I take back what I said

Yea my big hang up is that 4 inch height differential

Every move u make is sidegrade.
Which one u like more? Are you bored of them?

Nah I like my team but it does make Kareem an outside threat and makes Kobe slightly better shooting. It’s always fun trying new players

I think I’m more worried about not liking Oscar over Magic. Gasol not as big of a change aside of the swb

Oscar has better dunking animations, plus the boost to Kareem is great. Pau becomes a beast w/ the duo, played them together yesterday and he was a post-god.

But, Magic is huge and AD is fast on his feet. Choose who you like, choose who you enjoy running.

Sounds like I may need to give it a try

Worth selling PD harden inste… nahhhh I can’t lol