Worth locking in Hakeem?

I use 98 KD. Looks like the rest of the set is going to run me 70-80k. How does he do against some of the newer cards?

Heard he still holds up well.

He’s amazing.
No real competition.
Especially this year.
His animation are so beautiful…

What a skilled,talented player he was😏

Get him,hes the best center in the game,The card is the best post player in the game,best blocker,best rebounder for me and he is reliable at shooting threes

Totally worth it! Even better with Drexler for the duo.

Just locked him in. Thanks for all the responses.

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Hakeem is still the best center this year. I’ve tried them all out (I think with the exception of 97 Boogie), and Hakeem is just awesome. I personally think D Rob is #2, but I did put Curry highs on mine, so that might have something to do with that. PD KAT seems real good, but I’ve only used him once as of right now. I don’t think he’ll be better for me than Hakeem though… he might be better than D Rob, but I just don’t know yet.

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