Worth locking for The Mailman


Yes take Timmy out that lineup pls :joy:

edit: just realized you are a spurs fan lol keep him if you like him


If you have all the cards and don’t plan on selling your MT anytime soon, and you are a big Malone fan, then yes

But I would say there is certainly a chance something drops that crushes the prices of these cards, so theoretically you could sell now and rebuy and turn a profit. But it’s a gamble

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Yeah that too

Oh I’m a die hard spurs fan Timmys goin nowhere lol


Just edited my comment after I saw your pfp lol

I pray every night for some range for my dude but 2k won’t answer those prayers


They should give him an evo update but he’ll prob get a goat card :+1:

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He does have the duo but it’s Parker who is good but small obviously

And I take issue with the fact the duo doesn’t give Duncan RE AT ALL

Should he have that badge? Not really, but neither should like 98% of cards that DO have it. People who have made less than 3 threes in their whole career have HOF RE. Ridiculous


Yes, he has one of the best animations and release (at least for me) in the game. Just try his pd first to see if you like his jumpshot. I’m gonna lock for him, but I’ll probably wait till friday to see what they drop. Btw, I’m a huge Spurs fan too, so respect for using Timmy. I had to retire him a few months ago, due to the lack of range.

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hes another xman but if you dont have an issue running malone then he’s fantastic

Personally I can never run his card… ever… not even if they gave me a 99 everything Malone that I was the soul owner of… :man_shrugging:t2:

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Thanks for the info probably will lock because I like James and the Klaw and the other three really won’t net that much mt

There may be better out there but Timmy and D Rob arnt goin anywhere wish I had a Manu for the squad to

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Just a question how is steady on david? I haven’t used a card with steady and just wanted to know about it…

Just means that they’re saving it for his GOAT card.

Where’s TP?

I don’t think you’ll regret locking esp. if you like using those other cards. Personal issues aside he’s a beast in this game

Really don’t like the steady but usually play more D with him than anything

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Lol maybe when I get some more tokens I’ll grab him still got like 200 to go they locked all my boys behind a lot of tokens

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