Worth locking for Moses?

Anyone use Moses Malone PD yet? I have the whole set but haven’t locked yet. He looks like a beastly rebounder with a nice offensive game out to midrange, but I’m hesitant given the lack of reviews at this point…

whos ur bigs


fuck no better bigs are coming soon plus hakeem pd version is gonna be a reward for unlimited soon plus wait till the halloween promo comes out

I had been starting Camby lately with various guys rotating in depending on other moves in my lineup (for balance), including Ben Wallace, Eaton, Oden, KAT. I have Jermaine ONeil plugged in now and he seems to be the most versatile so far. Probably would sell Wallace if I picked up Moses. Also part of my incentive is that I always look to scrap together an all time Sixers squad and haven’t had Moses in past years… Unfortunately they keep making a lot of the Sixers greats pink diamonds and nearly unobtainable rewards (Wilt this year, Barkley and prime Wilt in 2k17, etc.).

Maybe I should have gone with a different title. Has anyone actually USED Moses yet who would be able to give some feedback beyond his attributes on paper?


honestly bro if i were youd id sell those players and work towards duncan with that MT, that malone just isnt good enough to warrant locking, especially with those players in that set being so expensive

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I do plan on keeping Roy though, so that limits the sell back value at least for now. I am sitting on about 25 tokens and need to unlock 2 more diamonds to get to the PD market, so Mutombo and Duncan are within reach.

also if i had to choose between locking PD Maurice Lucas vs PD Malone id go lucas and its even better that lucas is free

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how many sets have you locked?
and also if Mutombo and Duncan is in reach theres no reason to lock Malone those two are better that him

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You’re basing that purely on comparing attributes though right? You’re probably correct, I’m just looking for context. Sometimes players play well above their stats. Brandon Roy’s card doesn’t look amazing on paper but he has probably the most effective and quick animations of any card I’ve used this year. Anyway, without looking I’ve locked probably half of the current NBA sets and somewhere between 5 and 7 of the Heat check sets. I do plan to grind for Wilt eventually for my all time Sixers roster (which is one of the reasons I also feel compelled to get Moses…).

Lol i feel what you saying bro id say wait a few days someone will post a review on youtube sooner or later that will help you

I would say no, unless you plan on using him at the 4. Because you already said you plan on getting Wilt & Embid is sure to get an OP card at some point.

No there will be better players and you can get a decent one finishing Dom

I’ll run Eaton giannis as starting 5/4 and Chandler /Camby/ AD as my bench rotation 4/5

Everything you guys are saying makes sense and on paper I totally agree. I’m just frustrated by the lack of hands on reviews out there and it’s hard to resist pressing that lock button to instantly beam a pink diamond legend into my lineup lol. I don’t know if I can make it through the weekend without taking the plunge, especially in a frustrated rage after losing to the MVP Suns in Fantasy Domination for the umpteenth time!

Unless you’re a Moses Malone fan, you’d be a fool to lock in almost 500k MT for an undersized non shooting Center lol

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I mean, he has a middy and looks like a rebounding God. I never saw him play really because it was before my time, but he is a Sixers legend so I feel like my Sixers lineuo wouldn’t be complete without him…

In my opinion you should get him. Defensively he will be a stud, solid rebounder and can get it done in post. Mid game could be better but probably shouldn’t be a show stopper.

I’m gonna have to say no, honestly so many cards will come out before the end of the year that will crap all over every single one of these cards. If there was one card in the collection ( or the reward ) that was a standout that would obviously be useful for a long time (like a diamond Pippen or something) then maybe, but honestly you will replace PD Malone fast and all the MT would be locked.

im two cards away. I pulled Roy and the ameys in some packs and one box. so im gonna do it.

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