Worth locking current collections?

thinking about starting to complete some current teams so I can build my tokens up, already done with dom and triple threat, all challenges done so I’m starting to think that locking in stuff is going to be the only option to get D-rob, what’s your take?

I mean, dudes on here all the time talking about how bad it is to lock in reward sets at this time of year, but yet I see so many willing to lock in these bum 20 NBA collections/Heat Checks just to get D-Rob?

D-Rob has yet to outplay TD in any time I’ve matched up with him.

IMO, Not worth it, but some might differ.

Tokens are not worth it.
Evos are not worth it.

Can someone make a sticky somewhere? :smiley:


yeah I mean I wouldn’t lock a collection for a diamond trae young but current collections are less expensive, BUT take a long time to get a bunch of tokens, so it’s a call imma have to make, since I ain’t got anything left to play haha, maybe I’ll just save the little I have so when spotlight sets come i’m always able to do them

you gonna redeem outdated PDs with those tokens. what else you gonna do with em? lock sets to drop on superpacks?

To me, I’d rather lock for Trae than for the tokens if that’s my choice.

MOTW also have budget beasts that have a place on low OVR lineups, I can’t make use of any player in the 20 NBA collection at this point.

The smart move is to just hold out though, locking just ain’t it right now.


yeah maybe ill spend a little on christmas since people are gonna sell currents for dirt cheap

Play mtu, get packs and tokens. Players from packs will get you closer to locking sets. Plus you get some tokens too. Don’t buy players from the AH to lock sets at this time. I have about 560 tokens rn. I still need to take 3 PDs from the market. I don’t see the point in wasting 450 tokens on players I will never use. There’s no need to rush to that Opal market and opal rewards. There are already players available who can compete against those opals. If I were you I would play the game modes you like in MT and just chill.

Lock and hoard the tokens if you want just don’t spend any on outdated Diamonds and Pink Diamonds.

The 4 Diamonds I redeemed aren’t even in my line up and Im low key pissed about it.

Currently in the state of the token market if you can get to the opals then yes… if not my suggestion is hoard all of your tokens and they might possibly update those boards… the only way I would actually spend tokens tho is if you can get an opal… yes Duncan is basically just as good but if you can move Duncan to pf and then have drob at center you’re literally set for months

This is what you do. What i did last year…when packs drop or just any time in general set a max price per card…say 1500. shop for regular and heat check and buy everyone that meets ur max price and just hold onto them. If later u cha ge ur mind u can sell back. Right now its hard to find silvers and heat checks for that amount but eventually will drop…and when u see prices go up u can sell back and buy back for the low again later. I made alot of mt doing this. Right now im waiting for them to uodate some better rewards bc all the diamonds and pds are straight trash and im not lo king in all that mt just for one of those opals

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With the way they are handing out HOF badges to Amys/Rubies now, i would say 100% no. The power creep is accelerating and cards w/o multiple HOF badges are going to be outdated sooner rather than later.

Unless u aiming for opal no way …

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like tomorrow since d-rose prime is coming out, imma be spamming the market for people that sell their players for dirt cheap

aiming yes, gonna get there? if I locked all current i would be at the board, but wouldn’t be able to unlock any of them right away

For me is a Yes, these sets are the only ones i could afford

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I have about half locked because the silvers are now low value. 28 heat check locked.

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28 heat check? wow that’s amazing

I think it’s worth it later in the year but not now. Also it matters if you’re obsessed with the best. I’m using all evo cards amd rewards now because I realized from the last 6 years that always having a God squad was the only goal… playing wasn’t fun.

So mindset is huge: if locking feels like a win for you, do it and stay off the forums. It’s your game, brotha!

I’m locking because I’m going for collector level and D Rob. Might not be worth it in general though, if I wasn’t going for those things. Also got the entire legacy 1 set for around 270K, going to let the market come back up this weekend and evaluate whether to lock or sell for profit, that’s not too bad of a rate considering what current sets go for, unless they’ve plummeted since the last time I checked, and Moncrief will be in my lineup