Worth it grinding Fantasy and All-Time?

So I’ve finished current domination, and I’ve heard everyone how wacky the fantasy teams are. I understand you get a lot of token for it, but is it worth it?

Fantasy is pretty difficult for me on a team with a couple amys and the rest of the squad being rubies. I highly recommend off-balling with the center and either running plays or spamming pick and fade with bigs that have a 75+ open 3.

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All you need is 2 go to scorers and the rest solid defenders so you can get out in transition. If the defenders have a three ball that’s better because transition threes are op in Dom. Fantasy/all time Dom isn’t hard. Don’t let some of these people scare you into thinking that you will lose a bunch of games. I haven’t had a dom score closer than 20

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Definitely worth it. For fantasy domination you get 103 tokens plus 30*750 Mt per game. Also you get two packs with jerseys per game. If you lock them in you will get an extra 40 tokens. The difficult divisions are the award winners and the greats. All the other are very easy.

For All-time domination you will get 148 tokens, the rest I’m unsure as I have not started it yet.


Just got to fantasy Dom,and I’m about to say fuck this smh. Tony Parker locking me up like prime MJ.I see why dudes not trying to play this.i still won but forgot about the damn MT goal smh

its challenging. its on superstar as well so now all wide open shots will go in.

I havent finished it yet but out of the 15 or so i have completed, i found the first game the most difficult

I have 6 games left in fantasy Dom and had to play 2-3 Teams more than once. So most were beat on the first try. I dont get what the fuss is about.
My team: j.West - Eddie - dan - Pippen - Eaton
Cp3 - Rip - Klay - porzingis - Lanier
Specialists: Rodman - Ante - Cousins

Sometimes i had to put in the freak at the 1 to cheese a lil but Besides that i played pretty normal. If you cant run, run a play/free Lance/ post or p&r depending on match up and you will be golden as long as you are locker in on D as well.

Yes, completing domination is the most efficient way to start your team IMO

Im 50% in all time dom. I find bobby jones very handy when you play teams like chicago where opal jordan plays. He can definitely contain him a couple of plays and make him miss even if you off ball. But ifcourse there are quarters he is unstoppable


What do you get for beating All-time teams? Old uniforms or what?


For average players it’s tough, but that’s what makes it fun.

It’s tough for seasoned players too but generally not impossible once you learn good cheese tactics

Get Petrie or Marbury + Dirk if u can. Rest is easy.

That’s the lineup I’m running. I’ve gone through the first two games (Class of…) and made the goals fairly easily. Open to any suggestions. I’m one more Ruby selection from opening the Amy token market. I’m also sitting on 250k.

Yooo lmao


Eddie is the man!!!

The first game against Diamond Tony was tough, and the first three against that Celtics beast team were tough. Re-jiggered my lineup and went defensive coach and blew them out in the 4th game. Have not lost since going defensive and played 13 other games.


1- badged Saph Lebron
2- badged rGerald
3- Badged Pippen
4- Badged aDurant
5- Eaton

6- saph simmons
7- aPetrie
8- Bobby motherfucking jones the goat of defense
9 - badged porzingis
10- Embiid

Honestly? Offball with center and the CPU defense wears out the fantasy teams. tons of steals and lockdown d.

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