Worth extra 200k to upgrade from 97 to 98 Kobe

as title.

Well Kobe going for around 230-250 on ps4 so for 130k I did it.


I had 97 with curry’s, and I currently have 98 stock. Way different. Crazy improvement on shooting and defense. He’s great.

OK. Farewell,frobe.

98 kobe is something else clearly best sg in the game atm. ( besides Pd Jordan)

Do you think that any other player could compare with that Kobe in the future? I might be able to sell a few players for him but don’t want to get him and they release a better SG lol

Honestly, I don’t think so because kobe has all the shooting badges, defensive badges, and badges that you need to finish around the rim in hall of fame. I doubt they will release another card like that but you never know with 2k. But who are the players your gonna sell for him?

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I already have 170k atm so would only need to sell either Ewing/pau gasol and curry or sell MJ but he’s my go to guy when I’m struggling lol.

Looking at a list of players, I guess the only ones would be Diamond Mitch Richmond Pd Klay, Penny which could play there even tho he’s a PG

I have both 98 MJ and 98 Kobe if I were you I’d keep MJ so you could have 1 of them for your bench if your going to peruse the kobe. But I doubt those are the shooting guards left I feel like 2k might release a pd tmac to fuck with us after what we saw with davis today. But in my expirence kobe has been a fucking monster with me he’s a glitch with the shooting badges.

Yeah I might wait just a bit and see how they go, I’m winning games atm so i guess i won’t change what is working. But he’s definitely on the list to get!

IMO, definitely worth to swap to 98, badges made HUGE difference.
I bought and sold 97 Kobe few times because I want have him in my lineup,but I just can’t perform with him.
I’m not a iso player,so that’s can be a reason as well- Havlicek, Kawhi,Klay(Diamond &Ruby),played SG role much better.
98 even with same stats is completely different- true killer- c&s,off the dribble,driving,3’s-he doing all.
Also DS make his high def stats working much better.
Worth a upgrade,top 5card this year.

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I love it how the Shaq commercial for this year’s 2K was like yeah, it’s payback time for Shaq. Fast forward to today and Kobe is still the better card. PD Shaq is almost impossible to get and many people got the diamond one for free. Doesn’t sound like a payback to me.

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So true…

T-Mac being 2" taller warrants consideration as well. It’s really a 3-Way tie, almost based solely off of subjective preference. It’s really just down to jump-shot, dribble, & dunk/layup animations at that point.

is tmac more expensive than 98 kobe?

IDK. Probably close. You can’t go wrong with him though. Everything about him is ELITE.