Worth buying collector level from 567 to 1750 for tokens?

Anyone know how much it would cost to go that far? I’d be able to resell most of it so it seems like the end cost would be relatively low. Is it worth doing, or am I missing something?

And for anyone who has done this, how long does it take to buy and sell everything?

For reference, by doing this I’d get 500 tokens

The buying part is easy. However, selling everything and checking the lowest price of every card takes some time.

I definitely wouldn’t go for the collector level if I were in your shoes. If you aren’t going for DWade or AD then it’s not worth it at this stage of the game.

Every single token reward GO card can easily be replaced with someone for 150k~ or less from the auction house.


I went to 1250 and gave up. I worked out the cost and it was looking expensive. Coz the common cards start running out, and you get to useless but expensive stuff

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at that level cards are still pretty cheap, I think you are probably looking at 1ml MTs, maybe less (defo less if you do not yet have all jerseys, logos, arenas and playbooks - they go for cheap)

so, say it will cost you less than 100k in tax, maybe close to zero if you are a bit patient when reselling

it is a lot of work though

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Yeah, and Brow is probably not making many end-game squads. And if some opal gets all the Wade animations, he just becomes undersized

would cost you about 1m. set a limit like 500 on jerseys, 1500 on silvers, moments and HC cards are expensive but you dont need them to get 2000 cards

I went from around 400 cards to 1750 and it cost me around 2 million, i sold everything back and i had around 3.4 million but i got lucky because it was during the Spotlight Sim period and that caused almost all the cards to sell for x2, x3 or x4 times as much as i bought them.

Jerseys, coaches, arenas, playbooks, etc etc, don’t really change much in value though.

edit: I don’t know if it’s worth it to go for tokens now though. I am sitting at 2233 at the moment, and i was expecting the GOAT collection to be perfect players to be bought with tokens (like last year) but this latest MJ shows that 2K is not gonna do that this year.

Doesn’t really show that… Last year they were auctionable first and then token rewards.

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I fully expect this GOAT MJ or some form of him to show up as token reward at some point near the end of the cycle.

Oh yeah, you’re right. I forgot that. But i still don’t think they’re gonna put them in the token market, because last year they had the 3,000 token reward for completing the anniversary(?) collection? The Prime III reward is gonna be a player, so i dunno whow they would do that.

edit: Obviously i hope they do put them in the token market, coz i got no intention to use my tokens at anything right now.

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Why there 1500 tokens per player? I forgot

99 everything Jordan, Kobe and LeBron ended up on the token market (where you buy packs, so didn’t have to unlock opal tier) for 1750 each.

indeed but I remember we got like 3k or 3,5k tokens for a lifetime reward. If 2K is going to do it , I hope theyre planning sth like this AGAIN. no way I`m going to grind near 2K tokens for a player at the end of era of 2k20

Expecting this GOAT series to add Kareem, Giannis, Bron, etc. before they all finally get added to token market

I did this a month or so ago and I thought it was worth it to stockpile the tokens. If you are patient it won’t cost you more than 1mm. You can buy most of series 2 for 1k per card or less if you snipe a bit. Series 1 will be a little tougher since it’s not in current packs, but similar prices. Most of the jerseys, balls, playbooks, etc can be had for 250-400 MT. Just be smart about what prices you pay, then wait for a time when supply is low (not many packs being opened) to sell back. Be especially smart about prices on silvers. People will sell cards for 1k that you can resell for twice that just because they are too lazy to check prices.

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