Worst Video Game You've Ever Played?

What are some of the worst games you guys have ever played? I’m talking like bottom of the barrel trash.

Here’s one:

And another:

WWE 2K20 - Xbox One : Target

And one more, for good measure:

Madden NFL 21 - Wikipedia

(Only because of the game’s mechanics)

What games can y’all think of?


I’ve been playing games since IBM PC 5.25 floppies and Atari 2600. The worst game ever was probably Atari Football.

Watch this video and make any sense whatsoever of what’s going on. I used to play this fucking game as a kid, I have no idea how.


Look like six aliens playing tag lmao

I can’t even tell what’s happening


The original game was probably named “Alien Tag”, they just put the wrong label on the cartridge, and nobody could tell the difference.


That game is a seizure warning waiting to happen lol

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Ed edd and eddy on GBA is so amazingly dogshit.

Worse than a free flash game.



I give some GBA games a pass. It ran on minimal graphics.

That game, though? No passes.

Bro. I loved that game. Like LOVED.


LOST on PS3 was horrid. Not sure what I expected anything more. Was based on the TV show, which I happened to be really enjoying at the time.

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I love GBA but that EE and E game is sooo bad.

The most basic and trash platformer I’ve ever played.

Definitely was developed in 1 day, tops.

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World of Warcraft and any MMORPG



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Another one: That damn E.T. game. I might only be 15, but I played it, and holy sh*t that game was EL TERRIBLE.

I tried to like it, character creation was fun, then it was like, “Go kill 6 tigers and bring me their skins,” then it was like, “kill 20 trolls and bring me their teeth,” “go find 20 tree stumps,” “walk for 40 minutes to the next guy.”

Etc., etc., ad infinitum.

Risk on your Video Game Console. I don’t hate the concept, it worked with Monopoly, Uno and many others. The problem is that you aren’t playing Risk. It’s not Risk that’s what’s bad about it. Your playing Risk with a Twist.

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Go to the creators collection in the Xbox store. There you go

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Yea because ur low level.

Gotta get to the end game lol.

What the ayo?? Chill out

Burnout Paradise prequel is goat sequel disappointed

Love 3
Wwe 2k20: return online lobby since 14
Nba 2k18: let whopped @zz youtuber xD
Madeen 21: lamar fun player imo