Worst losses in Rec?

We were leading by a few points through the game.
Fast forward to 4th quarter, about 20 seconds to play. We are up by 2, opponent has the ball.

Immediately, one guard starts spamming steal and fouls. Opponent makes both free throws, score is even.
Somehow we manage to score fast and are again up by 2.

Opponent has ball, about 15 seconds to play. Next guard spams steal, fouls, free throws, score is even again.
And AGAIN we manage to score fast points, up by 2, still few seconds to play.

…aaand one of those guards leaves his man open, makes 3, we lose by 1, gg.

Anyone else got some frustrating Rec stories?

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Up by 18 going into the 4th

Our point guard has been a ball hog all game, thankfully he was good and would make like 80% of his shots

So basically throughout the entire 4th quarter this guy thinks it would be funny to take halfcourt shots while bringing it up, a couple people left mid-game so he would call for the pass when the cpu had it. All game he took stupid shots, and with 20 seconds left the other team is ahead by 2

We need a good possession to either take the lead or force OT, but of course, this ball hog takes the last shot which is a deep moving three over 2 defenders l

Obviously we lose, that’s my story


We’re up by 33 in the 2nd qtr, yup 33. Most of the other team quit but one guy. That guy kept making 3 after 3 while my team fucked around thinking they won already and taking all sorts of stupid shots. We won by 4 I think but it still felt like a loss. It’s painful how little basketball IQ the masses have.


Sometimes I wonder if people that play in the park even watch games… Like guards screening like they were bigs instead of spacing the floor


this is why when games are out of your control and ur team is ass you join someone park before the 2nd quarter to keep boost and make vc

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this is the main reason I stopped playing rec last year. I dont have a squad to run with, matchmaking takes too long, and when u get one there’s a bunch of idiots on the floor most of the time. I like defensively minded role players so I’m always at the mercy of the random guards.

Yeah, if you aren’t with friends it’s an absolute hell. People’s IQ usually is under the floor… I have found a friend in the forum and we play every evening, but still we struggle because the third is almost always a random who is cutting for no reason, screening as a guard/lock or doing some other dumb shit

Park with randoms is cool.

Playing rec with randoms? You must love pain to do this… I’m elite 2 and I’ll sometimes get no love on a random rec squad. Don’t ever solo rec unless you wanna torture yourself. I guess it could work for a pure lock/rim type build.

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I had a nice pure lock SF last year and rec would work sometimes bc I could just go wild on defense and our offense wasn’t terrible. But there are still too many games where dudes just jack up shots, dribble out the shot clock, and do general stupid shit on offense enough that ur down by 15 by the end of the 1st so nothing matters.

100-40 one guy we couldn’t stop went 18-19 from 3

Everytime I play Rec it’s just 4 dudes trying to set screens or running into the ball carrier, not staying with their man on defense, and sprinting to their basket after someone shoots.

It’s hogwash. Where are these clowns on MyTeam?

Yeah last year I would just rack up steals and rebounds and hit my open shots while watching Netflix lol

Just had quite depressing game, we were down about 15 at 3rd and no chance of comeback.
Suddenly, one guard who was like 2/17 from court turned on his mic and started cursing that others should pass the ball :joy:

As I didn’t see the matchup screen before game, I figured he must be some clueless 60 overall.
Well nope, he was actually 90 - and he was totally unguarded while taking more than half of his shots :expressionless:

How much VC do u make if you join a friends park before the 2nd quarter? And it’s confirmed that you don’t waist a boost I mean my record is a 71% win percentage in rec with over 400 wins so we Carley been losing but I’ll start collecting vc if it’s worth it

400 or more

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You obviously get a loss still right? And how long do you have to be in the game before that all works?

if u care about ur rec record…just delete ur 2k

dont play rec with a maxed build


reading all those bad stories i got a happy end one:

  • we were down first 3 quarters, biggest deficit was 17 in Q2
  • finally took the lead in the middle of the 4th quarter
  • we are up 7 with about 40 seconds left
  • they score quickly and its +4 with about 40 second left
  • our sharp misses a wide open 3
  • they score on an drive with a lucky animation its +2
  • our sharp misses a wide open 2, 14 seconds left
  • we get a block on a drive and its opponent ball with 5 seconds left
  • they cant a good shot but their slash/play hits a 100% smothered mid with 1.1 seconds left -> tie game
  • due to the 100% shot contest our other sharp activated takeover and hits the 3 off a beautifully executed off ball screen and we win the game
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We should start best comebacks thread in addition to this