Worst Drop of Season 4?

With all the drops seemingly behind us, I want to know what you guys consider to be the worst or most disappointing drop of the season. Mine was definitely the southeast throwback moments. Mediocre PD cards with a short PG lock-in that is already outdated. Thoughts?

Almost every throwback moments :joy:
These cards need to improve next season, if there were more usable cards locking for klay would make sense.


Inferno…joke. Every throwback moments

Throwback moments were all trash, in spite of the slobbering over guys like Ben Gordon in the moment. I’ll never forget saying Gordon would be forgotten within days, getting pushback, and being proven right almost immediately when they dropped an identical Sexton card

But were the throwback moments really that bad? The central with Ben Gordon and Jerry stackhouse was amazing, the southwest with Randle, Francis, and Tomjanovich were nice, and the pacific with godly McAdoo and offline beast Chris Kaman were all very solid drops.

Everything besides AD Idols and Inferno. Season 4 was underwhelming af

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I’ve never faced one of those cards in Unlimited

Moments Doncic drop


See now that one was also garbage. Forgot about that drop. None of the 3 cards we got are even worth considering on a squad rn


Unless yer just starting the game

Never seen Kaman online? Faced that man at least 3 times in past day and he’s killing me :sob:

Ben Gordon is much better than Sexton imo and is still plenty usable. Second best release I’ve used in 2K21 (behind Opal Hondo).

I don’t really consider the mid-week packs as anything more than to push XP, give collectors something, or to get some non big-name players some decent useable cards for theme teams, and maybe a decent budget card every once in a while.

I think all of the Friday packs had good stuff in them for different people, although I think the tone of the season was different than others since AD and Inferno jumped the power creep, so the subsequent Friday packs had to be scaled down a bit and maybe seemed underwhelming bc of that.


I was able to add a new card to my lineup every Friday, so that’s a W imo


I think the way they added those cards lebron and Tmac was good on the fact that they stayed better than anything else that was really dropped, if you’re gonna release the big names don’t release an opal insert historic player we’ve never heard of who is just as good or better


I 200% agree. The friday drops had something for every player. the season of giving wasnt bad here and there but these throwbacks were just xp cards man.

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Season of giving was average but some cards were budget and more useable

Yeah I can’t really see many of the mid-week drop players being ‘legit’ high end cards.

Every code for a free pack…

His diamond card is goated. Better than PD kyrie, john wall. colin sexton…